Your Home Wall Paint Should be Chosen to Complement your Furniture

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Painting is the easiest way to breathe new life in a place. Be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or your bedroom, slathering up a new color on the walls will give any room a new identity instantly. But how elegant or unbecoming that new character would be, depends on a bunch of things. How well-combined the new look of a room would look relies not just on the color or texture of the paint, but also on how well the paint mixes in with the overall look of the room. That is, for a cohesive look, you need to make sure that the furniture and décor in a room complement the paint on the walls.

If you don’t coordinate the furniture and the paint color in a room, then you are, very likely, concocting a décor cocktail that will not sit well with your eyes when the place is ready. It’s like having the perfect minestrone soup in which all the ingredients are beautifully well-combined to present one decadent bowl of soup. Nobody likes minestrone in which the components are running off in their direction instead of making a mesh of flavors to give the perfect texture and taste to the soup.

Just like the ingredients in minestrone must go together, the décor components of a room must also gel together. The primary décor components of a place are the paint and the furniture. If they don’t complement each other, then give one of them the flick immediately.

For a concerted theme of a room, always make sure that your furniture and paint get along well. We understand that choosing complementing furniture and wall paint can be tricky. Not everyone has the designing prowess of Greg Natale, but there are specific tips that can help a person choose their wall paint in accordance with the furniture.

Here is some good oil to help you pick out wall paint that will complement your furniture.

Choose Pastel Paint Shades for Vibrant Furniture

You can’t have a color galore in a room that can be too aggressive for the eyes. You need to make use of yin and yang to come up with the best combination. If you have colorful furniture pieces, then go for lighter shades of paint that will work with your furniture. For instance, if you have a bright yellow couch, then match it with a pastel shade of blue.

Go for Neutrals if you’re unsure of the Furniture

If a room is not furnished yet, then go for neutral shades, such as gray or cream. It will give you enough margin to put any garish or decorous furniture without inhibition in the room.

For Dull Furniture Go for Bright Wall Paint

Combine dull, boring furniture with vivacious wall paint in any room to come up with a wholesome look. If you have dark brown furniture, then go for teal blue or forest green for the walls.

 One trick that can help you when choosing the right paint for a room space is putting together the shades of your furniture and wall paint. It will give you a rough picture of your artistic vision. Don’t be afraid to play with colors or tones; make sure to use the wall paint that complements your furniture.